Gun Scopes and Optics

Scopes and optics are useful to all hunters and shooters to locate and hone in on targets. This is why we carry all of the tools necessary for a hunter to get a closer view of his target. These scopes and optics include base and ring combos, bases, binoculars, bore sighting, care and maintenance accessories, mounting systems, range finders, rings, scope covers and lens shades, scopes, spotting and telescopes, and tripods, adaptors, and mounting accessories. Our premium scopes and optics will help any shooter to excel.

Choosing the correct base and ring combos for your scope can be difficult. However, keeping the scope as close to the bore as possible is the key factor to keep in mind during your base and ring combo decision process. Both bases and rings can come in either steel or aluminum, with steel being the stronger option. With a shorter scope, you can use a one-piece base. However, a longer scope may require the use of a two-piece base or extension bases or rings. The most common type of ring is a horizontal split ring. An important thing to keep in mind is not to over tighten the rings as this can cause damage to the scope. A quick release mounting system can be useful to a hunter because it allows the shooter to remove the system quickly while keeping it intact. We sell a variety of discounted rings, bases, and mounting systems from some of the leading manufactures. These manufactures include:

  • Aimpoint
  • B-Square
  • Browning
  • Burris
  • Crosman
  • EOTech
  • Knight
  • Leupold
  • MDM
  • ProMag
  • Redfield
  • RWS
  • Simmons Mounts
  • Tasco
  • Taurus
  • Thompson Center
  • Traditions
  • Trijicon
  • Weaver Mounts

Binoculars are used to help you see off into the distance with ease. They range from lightweight and compact to heavier top of the line binoculars. It is important before purchasing, for a buyer to decide for what he will be using the binoculars and how far he will want to see clearly. However, since many of the premium quality binoculars are often the heaviest as well, they can be difficult to carry long distances. That is why we offer a variety of binocular straps, which can take the strain and weight off of your neck. Another related tool, which helps a hunter see a target in the distance, is a rangefinder. Rangefinders tell you the exact distance to a point using precise lasers. With a quality rangefinder, you will never miss an opportunity for a shot again because you are unsure of the distance.

A scope is designed to perform functions that plain iron sights cannot due to the limitations of the human eye. Scopes allow you to keep the rear and front sights along with the target in focus while magnifying your target and providing convenient crosshairs for aiming. Variable-power scopes allow you to adjust the magnification of your scope, which can be important with a moving target. There are different types of lenses that can also be used with a scope. These lenses have different types and amounts of chemical coatings, which can let in more or less light. Scope covers are also important to protect the scope’s lens when not in use.

Spotting scopes or telescopes are similar to binoculars but provide even stronger magnification. This is important because you can spot game at greater distances and also size up a potential trophy. Variable-power spotting scopes are ideal because they allow the hunter to use a low power with a larger field of view (F.O.V.) while scanning and then increase the magnification to look at a potential target. This feature is something that a fixed-power spotting scope cannot offer. Tripods and window mounts allow you set up your spotting scope for ease of use. We offer a variety of premium tripods and mounts from manufactures such as Burris, Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, and Redfield.

Scope and Optics:

Base & Ring Combos Base & Ring Combos; Ring Combos
B-Square, Browning, RWS, Thompson Center, Traditions, Weaver Mounts
Bases Bases
Aimpoint, B-Square, Browning, Burris, Crosman, Knight, Leupold, Redfield, Taurus, Thompson Center, Traditions, Weaver Mounts
Binoculars Binoculars
Allen Cases, Brunton, Burris, Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, Optronics, Pentax, Sightron, Simmons, Steiner, Tasco, Weaver
Bore Sighting Bore Sighting
AimShot, Alpec, Bushnell, Hoppes, LaserLyte, ProMag, Tasco, Wheeler
Care & Maintenance Care & Maintenance
Burris, Leupold, Nikon
Mounting Systems Mounting Systems
Aimpoint, Browning, EOTech, Knight, Leupold, MDM, ProMag, Tasco, Trijicon, Weaver Mounts
Rangefinders Rangefinders
Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon
Rings Rings
Aimpoint, Burris, Knight, Leupold, Redfield, Simmons Mounts, Traditions, Weaver Mounts
Scope Covers & Lens Shades Scope Covers & Lens Shades
Aimpoint, Butler Creek, Knight, Leupold, Trijicon
Scopes Scopes
Aimpoint, AimShot, Barnett, Burris, Bushnell, CNC Optics, Crosman, EOTech, FNH USA Inc, Horton, Leupold, Nikon, Optronics, Pentax, Sightron, Simmons, Tasco, Trijicon, Weaver
Spotting & Telescopes Spotting & Telescopes
Brunton, Burris, Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, Sightron, Simmons
Tripods, Adapters & Mounting Tripods, Adapters & Mounting
Burris, Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, Redfield

Base & Ring Combos

Product Description Manufacturer Preview
Ithaca 37,87 12ga Shotgun Mount (Blue) B-Square
Mossberg 500 12ga Shotgun Mount (Blue) B-Square
Winchester 1200,1300,1400,1500 12ga Shotgun Mount Blue B-Square
T-Bolt Standard Matte Scope Set Browning
Duo Ring & Base Thompson Center
Base & Ring Set 2-piece Traditions
Converta-Mount System Weaver Mounts
Rifle Mount System w/Med Rings Weaver Mounts
Sporting Rifle Mounts B-Square
Modern Military Mounts B-Square
Shotgun Saddle Mounts B-Square
Accessories RWS

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Product Description Manufacturer Preview
4-Piece Intermount Crosman
Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistol Mounts, Colt .45 1911 Government Frames - Blue B-Square
Quick Install Bases Leupold
2 Piece Silver Base for LK/USA/DISC/T-Bolt Knight
2 Piece Base, A-Bolt, High Nickel Browning
JR One-Piece Base #R-14 Redfield
1 Piece Silver Satin Base for MK Knight
1 Piece Blue Base for MK Knight
2 Piece Silver Octagonal Base Traditions
Mark 4 CQ/T Throw Lever Mount Leupold
Ruger to Weaver Base Adapter Burris
Gunsmith Bases Burris
SR Mounting 2-Piece Dovetail Bases Redfield
Steel 2 Piece Base Traditions
Mark 4 Savage Reciever Leupold
Detachable Top-Mount Universal Adaptor Weaver Mounts
Standard 2-Pc Base, Black Matte Leupold
LaRue Tactical High Mount, AR15 Aimpoint
Dual Dovetail Two Piece Base Leupold
Mark 4 Base Leupold
Quick Install Base Leupold
Quick Release One Piece Base Leupold
Quick Release Two Piece Base Leupold
Quick Release Weaver-Style 2 Piece Base Leupold
Standard One Piece Base Leupold
Standard Two Piece Base Leupold
Weaver Style Base Thompson Center
Converta-Mount Base Weaver Mounts
Converta-Mount Bracket Weaver Mounts
Detachable Side Mount Base Weaver Mounts
Detachable Top Mount Base Weaver Mounts
1 Piece Tip-Off Base Weaver Mounts
2 Piece Base Knight
Scope Base Mount Taurus
1 Piece Handgun Base Leupold
Laser Mount Leupold
Dual Dovetail One Piece Base Leupold
SR Two Piece Base Redfield
Revolver Mounts B-Square
Rimfire Semi-Auto Pistol Mounts B-Square
JR One Piece Bases Redfield
2 Piece Base Burris
Double Dovetail Bases Burris
LX Mounting Systems Leupold
Trumount Universal Reversable Extension Bases Burris
Fast Fire Red Dot Reflex Sight Mount Burris
XTB Weaver-Style Solid Steel Bases Burris
Mark 4 Base Leupold
2-piece Bases Redfield
American Aluminum 2-Piece Base Redfield
American Aluminum 1-Pc Base Redfield

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Product Description Manufacturer Preview
RAMS 7x35 Black Binoculars Tasco
Futura LE 8-20x25mm Binoculars Tasco
Neck Relief Binocular Strap Burris
Packstrap Brunton
Echo Pocket Scope Brunton
Quick Release Binocular Harness Leupold
Eagleview Binoculars Nikon
Asjustible Binocular Strap Allen Cases
10x25 Binocular / Folding Knife Kit Leupold
10x42 DCF HRc Binoculars with Case Pentax
8.5x21 Papilio Binoculars with Case Pentax
8-x16x21 UCF Zoom II Binoculars with Case Pentax
ProStaff Camo Binocular Harness Nikon
H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Bushnell
Legend Bushnell
Powerview Bushnell
Xtra-Wide Bushnell
OceanPro Binoculars Nikon
SII Binoculars Sightron
SIII Binoculars Sightron
Sonoma Binoculars Tasco
Sports & Marine Binoculars Nikon
Roof Prism Binoculars Weaver
PermaFocus Bushnell
Wind River Porro Prism Leupold
Wind River Roof Prism Leupold
Compact Binoculars Simmons
Zoom Binoculars Simmons
Monarch Binoculars Nikon
Trophy Bushnell
Wind River Pinnacles Leupold
Wind River Olympic Leupold
Action EX Binoculars Nikon
Action Binoculars Nikon
StabilEyes Nikon
Wind River Mesa Leupold
Wind River Katmai Binoculars Leupold
Landmark II Binoculars Burris
Buckridge Camo Binoculars Optronics
Excursion Bushnell
Discoverer Binoculars Bushnell
Predator Binoculars Steiner
Wildlife Binoculars Steiner
Master Series Binoculars Simmons
High Sierra Binoculars Simmons
Landmark Binoculars Burris
Cascades Binoculars Leupold
ProStaff Binoculars Nikon
Eagleview Zoom Binocular Nikon
Travelite V Nikon
Yosemite Binoculars Leupold
Cascade Internal Focus Binoculars Leupold
Katmai Binoculars Leupold
Tactical Binoculars Leupold
Trailblazer Binocular Nikon
Sportstar Binocular Nikon
Fullfield II Binoculars Burris
Signature Select Binoculars Burris
Legacy Bushnell
Eterna Binoculars Brunton
Echo Binoculars Brunton
Dream Season Binoculars Nikon
Signature Select Binoculars Burris
Euro Diamond Binoculars Burris
Olympic Binocular Leupold
Cascades Binocular Leupold
Pinnacles Binocular Leupold
Yosemite Binocular Leupold
Gold Ring Binoculars Leupold
Gold Ring Binocular, Switchable Leupold
Acadia Series Binoculars Leupold  
Mojave Series Binoculars Leupold  
Marine Binocular, 7X50 Ocean Pro with Compass Nikon
Compact Binoculars Weaver

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Bore Sighting

Product Description Manufacturer Preview
Boresighter w/ Case and Arbors Bushnell
Bore Light Hoppes
Universal Laser Bore Sighter (Standard Laser) LaserLyte
Magnetic Boresighter Bushnell
Super Hi-Precison Universal Laser Bore Sighting System LaserLyte
Laser Bore Sighter LaserLyte
Shotgun Adapter LaserLyte
Laser Boresighter Bushnell
20X Brighter 223 Laser Boresight AimShot
Crosshair Alignment Level Wheeler
Laser Boresight, 17 HMR AimShot
Bore Stud Tasco
Arbors AimShot
Laser Scope Leveler LaserLyte
AR-15 Accessories ProMag

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Care & Maintenance

Product Description Manufacturer Preview
ScopeSmith Lens Pen Leupold
LensPen Burris
Mark 4 Mount Leupold
LensPen Nikon
ScopeSmith Retractable Ballistic Chart Leupold
Accessories Nikon
Viz Wiz Lens Cleaner Birchwood Casey

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Mounting Systems

Product Description Manufacturer Preview
Detachable Side Mount Rings Weaver Mounts
30mm Rings Standard, Matte Tasco
A.R.M.S. 30mm Throw Lever Flattop Adapter for the TriPower Trijicon
1" Rings, BPS Game Gun Browning
1" Classic Rings X-High Browning
Quick Release Mount, Picatinny Aimpoint
1" Long High Bracket and Rings Weaver Mounts
Reflex Flattop Mount Trijicon  
1022 See-Through Weaver Scope Mount ProMag
AK-47 Side Rail Scope Mount ProMag
Rimfire Ring Mounts Leupold
Rimfire Ring Mounts Leupold
Rimfire Ring Mounts Leupold
Rimfire Ring Mounts Leupold
1" Scope Mounting Kit Wheeler
Mark 4 Mount Leupold
Ruger M77 Extension Ring Mounts Leupold
Ruger M77 Ring Mounts Leupold
Ruger #1 & 77/22 Extension Ring Mounts Leupold
Ruger #1 & 77/22 Ring Mounts Leupold
Sako Ring Mounts Leupold
See-Thru Scope Mounts Knight
1" See-Thru Mounts Weaver Mounts
1" See-Thru Top Mount Rings Weaver Mounts
Quick Disconnect Scope Mounting System MDM
Reflex Trijicon
1" Tip-Off Mount Rings Weaver Mounts
Standard Mounting Arrangement EOTech
See Thru Mounts Tasco
Scope Mount Rings Browning
Laser Mount Leupold
Rimfire Ringmounts Leupold
CZ Ring Mounts Leupold
LX Mounting Systems Leupold
AR-15 Accessories ProMag
World Class Ring Mount Tasco

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Product Description Manufacturer Preview
RXIV Digital Rangefinder Leupold
RXII Digital Rangefinder, NWTF Leupold
Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinder Bushnell
Laser Rangefinder Nikon
RX Rangefinders Leupold
Retractable Rangefinder Tether Nikon
RXB-IV Binoculars Leupold

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Product Description Manufacturer Preview
Standard 1" Rings, Medium, Silver Leupold
1" Split Rings, Ext Rear, Standard Front, Medium Redfield
TwistMount Ring Aimpoint
Dual Dove Scope Mounts Leupold
Dual Dove Scope Mounts Leupold
1" Zee Rings Burris
1" Sig Pos-Align Offset Ring Insert Eccentric Offset Burris
1" 22 Rings Burris
Signature 1" Rings Burris
Signature 1" Zee Rings Burris
Standard 1" Rings Burris
Cross Slot 1" Rings Leupold
Dual Dovetail 1" Rings Leupold
Dual Dovetail 30mm Rings Leupold
Quick Release 1" Extension Rings Leupold
Quick Release 1" Rings Leupold
Quick Release 26mm Rings Leupold
Quick Release 30mm Rings Leupold
Quick Release Weaver-Style 1" Rings Leupold
Quick Release Weaver-Style 30mm Rings Leupold
Ruger M77 Ring Mounts Leupold
Sako Ring Mounts Leupold
Standard 1" Extension Rings Leupold
Standard 1" Rings Leupold
Standard 26mm Rings Leupold
Standard 30mm Extension Rings Leupold
Standard 30mm Rings Leupold
Detachable Top Mount Dual Extension Rings Weaver Mounts
Detachable Top Mount Extension Rings Weaver Mounts
Detachable Top Mount Rings Weaver Mounts
Quick Detach Ring Knight
Weaver Style Rings Knight
Dual Dovetail Extension Rings Leupold
Aluminum Scope Rings (Weaver Style) Traditions
Aluminum Scope Rings (.22/Airgun) Traditions
Top Access Rings Redfield
1" Zee Quick Detach Rings Burris
CZ Rings Burris
30mm Zee Rings Burris
PRW Rings Leupold
Rifleman Detachable Rings Leupold
Simmons .22 Rings Simmons Mounts
Simmons Standard Rings Simmons Mounts
Mark 4 Rings Leupold
XTR Rings Burris
Double Dovetail Ring Burris
1" Xtreme Tactical Rings Burris
Standard Scope Rings Leupold
Quick Release Scope Rings Leupold

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Scope Covers & Lens Shades

Product Description Manufacturer Preview
Scope Protector Black Knight
Bikini Rifle Scope Cover Butler Creek
ARD, 40mm Anti-Reflection Device Leupold
4x32, Rubber Caps Trijicon  
Blizzard Clear Scope Cover Butler Creek
Flip Open Scope Cover - Eye Butler Creek
Flip Open Scope Cover - Objective Butler Creek
ScopeSmith Scope Cover Leupold
ScopeSmith Lens Shade Leupold
Competition Series Lens Shade Leupold
Alumina Intensifier Yellow Leupold
Alumina Intensifier Kit Leupold
Alumina RainCote Kit Leupold
Alumina Flip Covers Leupold
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover Leupold
Alumina Rubber Eyepiece Guard Leupold
Alumina Lens Shade Leupold
Alumina VXL Lens Shade Leupold
Almna FlipBack Lens Kit Leupold

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Product Description Manufacturer Preview
SII Compact Scope Sightron
Gamemaster 4x32 Mult-A-Range Crossbow Scope Horton
6.5 MOA Amber Dot (Without Mount) Trijicon
Red Dot Sight Crosman
SIII Scope Sightron
Laser Sight Crosman
SI Black Powder Scope, 1x20mm Plex Sightron
Classic RV7 Rimefire Weaver
PDP2 1x25mm,Matte, 5 MOA Dot Tasco
Mag 6-24x40mm, Matte Finish, 30/30 Reticle Tasco
Tri Power Reflex Trijicon
Scope and Spotter Package Burris
Buckridge Red Dot Series Scope 1x30mm Optronics
Silver Antler, 2.5-10x44mm, Black Tasco
4x32mm Crossbow Scope w/Rings Barnett
Premium Red Dot Sight Barnett
Scope/Binocular Package Burris
SpeedDot Burris
Laser Rangefinding Scope Burris
Scout Scope Burris
XTS-135 SpeedDot Burris
Classic Rimfire Weaver
3XMag Magnifying Module Aimpoint
Micro T-1, 4 MOA, Night Vision Compatible Aimpoint
Micro H-1, 4 MOA Aimpoint
Micro R-1, 4 MOA Aimpoint
CompM4 Aimpoint
Team Primos, 3-9x40, BDC Nikon
Slughunter, 3-9x40, Matte, BDC Nikon
Omega, 3-9x40 APG, BDC 250 Reticle Nikon
Sportsman Riflescope Burris
Fullfield II Rifle Scope Burris  
Multi Reticle Panoramic Sight AimShot
1x14mm Tactical Prismatic Sight, Matte Finish, Illuminated Circle Leupold
FXIII 6x42 Leupold
VX-L Leupold
Mark 4 Leupold
Mark 4 Leupold
VX-L Leupold
Euro-30, 2-7x33mm, Matte Finish, German Reticle #4 Leupold
Generation 2, 4 Dot Panoramic Sight AimShot
Mark 4, 4.5-14x40mm LR/T, Target, Matte Black, Duplex Reticle Leupold  
Mark 4, 1.5-5x20mm MR/T, M2, Matte Black Illuminated SPR Leupold
Mark 4 16x40mm LR/T, M1, Matte Black, TMR Reticle Leupold  
Mark 4 8.5-25x50 LR/T, M1, Metric, Matte Black, Illuminated TMR Leupold  
Mark 4, 4.5-14x50mm, M1, Matte Black, Illuminated MilDot Leupold
Fullfield II Burris
Handgun Burris
Banner Scope Bushnell
Elite 3200 Rainguard Bushnell
Elite 4200 Rainguard Bushnell
Trophy Scope Bushnell
Mark 4 Scope Leupold
VX III Scope Leupold
Monarch Scope Nikon
Titanium Scope Nikon
ProPoint Pistol Scope Tasco
Target Scope Tasco
World Class Scope Tasco
Grand Slam Scope Weaver
Reflex II Trijicon
SIII 30mm Side Saddle Riflescope Sightron
Rimfire/Airgun Burris
Sportsman Riflescope Bushnell
SII Compact/Fixed Riflescope Sightron
SII Variable Riflescope Sightron
SII Competition/Tactical Riflescope Sightron
SII Target Scope Sightron
.22 Rimfire Bushnell
Competition Series Leupold
HOLOgraphic Diffraction Sight EOTech
Prostaff Series Nikon
Monarch Gold Scope Nikon
SI Riflescopes Sightron
Legend Scope Bushnell
Classic V Series Scope Weaver
Varmint Scope Tasco
Target Scope Tasco
Lighted Reticle Scope Burris
VX II Scope Leupold
ACOG (Compact) Trijicon
ACOG Trijicon
Signature Select Burris
Electronic Sighting Devices Sightron
Buckridge Sport Series Scopes Optronics
Buckridge Horizon Series Scope Optronics
Aetec Scopes Simmons
Prohunter Scopes Simmons
ProDiamond Scopes Simmons
ProSport Scopes Simmons
22 Mag Scopes Simmons
Blazer Scopes Simmons
Red Dot Scopes Simmons
Short Mag Burris
FX III Scope Leupold
Handgun Scope Leupold
VX II Leupold
FX-II Scope Leupold
Buckmaster Scope Nikon
HOLOsight Bushnell
Wilderness Spotter Simmons
VX-L Scope Leupold
Tactical Scopes Nikon
Omega Scope Nikon
Fullfield II Tactical Scope Burris
AccuPoint Trijicon
K4 Weaver
Shotgun Accessories FNH USA Inc
Red Dot Sights Horton
Rimfire Scope Leupold
SII Big Sky Scopes Sightron
FastFire Red Dot Reflex Sight Burris
CompML2 Aimpoint
9000SC Aimpoint  
CompML3 Aimpoint
9000L Aimpoint
VX-7 Leupold
VX-7L Leupold
FXIII Leupold
Mark 2 Leupold
VXI Scope Leupold
Laser IRT Nikon
3x Magnifier EOTech
4x Magnifier EOTech
M550 Military Holographic Sight EOTech
M550 Holographic Sight EOTech
System 557AR223 EOTech
Mark 4 Scope Leupold
Gameseeker Scope Pentax
European Diamond Scope Burris
PDP3 Tasco
Speed Bead Combo Burris
Rifleman Riflescopes Leupold
Mark 4 2.5-8x36 MR/T Riflescopes Leupold  
Mark 4 4.5-14x50 LR/T Riflescopes Leupold  
Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T Leupold  
Mark 4 10x40mm LR/T Leupold  
Mark 4 8.5-25x50 ER/T Leupold  
Mark 4 6.5-20x50 ER/T Leupold  

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Spotting & Telescopes

Product Description Manufacturer Preview
Spotter XL Spotting Scope, 60mm, Straight Nikon
Mark 4 Spotting Scope Leupold
Imageview Spotting Scope Bushnell
Eterna Spotting Scope Brunton
Spotting Scope Kit Sightron
XTS-2575 Spotting Scope Burris
Sentry Spotting Scope Bushnell
Spacemaster Spotting Scope Bushnell
Spotting Scope Burris
Trophy Spotting Scope Bushnell
Golden Ring Spotting Scope Leupold
Wind River Sequoia Leupold
Spotter XL II Nikon
Master Series Spotting Scopes Simmons
ProSport Series Spotting Scopes Simmons
Spotting Scopes Sightron
Sequoia Spotting Scope Leupold
Golden Ring Spotting Scopes Leupold
Prostaff Spotting Scope Nikon

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Tripods, Adapters & Mounting

Product Description Manufacturer Preview
50-Foot Adapter, Pre 2004 Leupold
Tripod & Window Mount Burris
Car Window Mount Bushnell
Tripod Adapter for Wind River Binoculars Leupold
Field Tripod Bushnell
Tripod/Car Window Mount Bushnell
Pack Pod Burris
Compact Tripod Leupold
Digital Camera Adapter Leupold
Window Mount Leupold
Zero Point Boresighter Leupold
Trek Pod Leupold
Euro Diamond Heavy Duty Tripod Burris
Accessories Nikon
Window Mounts Burris
T-Mount Redfield
Mark 4 ARD AntiReflect Device Leupold  

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