CGS Hunting - Hunting and Shooting Supplies including Firearms, Guns, Holsters, Scopes, Optics, Reloading Supplies, and Ammo

Hunting and Shooting Supplies:

Firearms / Guns Firearm Accessories and Gun Parts Holsters & Accessories

Firearms / Guns

Combination Firearms, Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns
Brands include Beretta, Braztech, Browning, CZ, FNH USA Inc, H&R, Marlin, Mossberg, New England, Savage Arms, Savage Arms, Rimfire, Taurus, Thompson Center, Traditions, Walther, Winchester Guns

Firearm Accessories

Bipods, Cases, Hard Long Gun Cases, Soft Long Gun Cases, Choke Tubes & Tube Cases, Gun Grips, Gun Locks & Cables, Magazines & Loaders, Gun Parts, Recoil Pads, Sights, Slings & Swivels, Stocks Barrels, Tactical Firearm Equipment

Gun Holsters & Accessories

Baton Holders, Belts & Belt Keepers, Concealment, Flashlight Holders, Glove Pouches, Handcuff & Key Holders, Hunting/Sporting, Mace & Chemical Holders, Magazine Pouches, Military, Police/Duty/Tactical, Radio, Pager & Phone Holders, Speedloader Pouches




Gun Scopes & Optics Reloading Ammunition

Gun Scopes & Optics

Base & Ring Combos, Bases, Base & Ring Combos, Binoculars, Bore Sighting, Care & Maintenance, Mounting Systems, Rangefinders, Rings, Scope Covers & Lens Shades, Scopes, Spotting & Telescopes, Tripods, Adapters & Mounting


Brass, Bullets, Calipers & Bullet Measuring, Case Care & Trimmers, Dies & Parts, Powder, Presses, Primer, Scales, Shell Holders & Shell Plates


Centerfire Handgun Ammo, Centerfire Rifle Ammo, Dummy Cartridges, Blanks, Rimfire, Shotgun Shells




Archery & Accessories Cases & Bags Crossbows & Accessories

Archery & Accessories

Bow Packages, Broadheads, Compound Bows, Gloves, Guards & Protection, Overdraws, Rests, Sights & Sighting Equipment, Stabilizers, Traditional Bows

Cases & Bags, Specialty

All Purpose Protection, Duffelll, Archery, Back/Fanny/Day-Packs, Coolers, Gun, Shooting Range Bags & Cases, Small Acc, Camera, Electronics, Specialty Bags & Cases, Stuff Sacks, Tactical

Crossbows & Accessories

Aluminum Bolts, Broadheads, Carbon Bolts, Cases and Sleeves, Cocking Device, Crossbow Packages, Crossbows, Optics, Sighting, Mounts, Quivers, Replacement Parts, Slings & Swivels, Wax and Lube




Flashlights & Lighting Knives and Accessories Tents

Flashlights & Lighting Headlamps, Lanterns (Battery Operated), Lanterns (Fuel Operated), Standard Flashlights & Acc, Tactical & Professional

Knives & Accessories

Axes, Saws & Shears, Fishing Knives, Fixed Blade, Folding & Lock Back, Machetes, Multi-Purpose Tools, Sharpeners, Sheaths, Spears, Swords


1 Person or Solo Tents, 2 Person Tents, 3 Person Tents, 4 Person Tents, 5 Person Tents, 6 Person Tents, 7+ Person Tents, Screen Houses, Shelters

At CGS Hunting, we know that hunting is a true sport. Therefore, like with any sport, in order to succeed you have to have the right quality equipment. That is why we at CGS Hunting sell all of the supplies that any serious hunter or shooter will need at discount prices so you can afford it all. From firearms and firearm accessories to flashlights and tents, we are any hunter or shooter’s one-stop shop for supplies. Specifically, we offer the following supplies from premium manufactures.

  • Firearms
  • Firearm Accessories
  • Gun Holsters and Accessories
  • Gun Scopes and Optics
  • Reloading Equipment
  • Ammunition
  • Archery and Accessories
  • Cases and Bags
  • Crossbows and Accessories
  • Flashlights and Lighting
  • Knives and Knife Equipment
  • Tents

CGS Hunting sells many different types of firearms so that you can find just the gun for which you are looking. So whether you want a new handgun for protection at home or a rifle for large game hunting, we have what you need. We carry combination firearms, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and rifles from the top manufactures.

Since keeping your firearm in top working condition is crucial for safe hunting and shooting, we carry the firearm accessories that you will need to care for your guns. If you need soft long gun cases or hard long gun cases to protect your gun during transportation, we have the firearm cases that you need here here. We have the choke tubes and tube case that any hunter or shooter will need to sharpen their shot pattern. CGS Hunting also carries discount recoil pads, gun grips, magazines and loaders, sights, slings and swivels, and stock barrels and barrel accessories.

Hunters and shooters have a lot to carry when going out hunting and it can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, CGS Hunting sells gun holsters and accessories to allow you to find a place for everything. With our supplies a hunter or shooter can attach flashlight holders, baton holders, glove pouches, handcuff and key holders, mace and chemical holders, magazine pouches, radio, pager, and phone holders, and speedloading pouches to their hunting belts. We also carry concealment holsters, hunting and sporting holsters, military holsters, and police, duty and tactical holsters.

Gun scopes and optics are another category of hunting supplies that a shooter or hunter will need. We carry all of the bases, rings, base and ring combos, and mounting systems a hunter will need to attach a new scope to their firearm. We also have the premium scopes, binoculars, range finders, and spotting scopes that any hunter or shooter will need to get a close look at their target.

If you happen to enjoy reloading, we have all of the reloading equipment that any hunter or shooter will need to create their own ammunition. However, if you are not a do-it-yourselfer, CGS Hunting supplies ammunition for your firearms as well. We sell premium ammunition for all types of firearms such as centerfire handgun ammo, centerfire rifle ammo, dummy cartridges, blanks, rimfire, and shotgun shells.

Not only does CGS Hunting provide everything for your firearm related hunting needs, but we all carry supplies for archery and crossbow shooting and hunting. We have traditional bows, compound bows, and crossbows as well as mounts, sights, and broadheads for both archery and crossbows.

We carry the tools and equipment that you will need for a long hunt such as flashlights, fuel and battery powered torches, small, medium, and large tents, shelters, and screen houses. CGS Hunting sells bags and cases to carry anything that a hunter or shooter will need. We have all purpose bags, coolers, camera cases, stuff sacks, and day-packs. We also sell the knives and accessories you may need while hunting or fishing including axes, fishing knives, spears, swords, and knife sharpening equipment.